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Photos: Simz Ngema dishes out thirst-trap looks

South African actress and singer, Simphiwe “Simz” Ngema has always been a beautiful woman, but since the birth of her son Tinyani with partner Tino Chinyani, she’s positively glowing.

This week, the actress made headlines after she confessed to visiting convicted criminal Thabo Bester at the Mangaung prison in 2018. The mom-of-one claims the visit was strictly business.

Simz Ngema

With all eyes on Simz, we take a look at the glamorous screen star.

After giving birth to Tinyani in September 2020, Simz Ngema opened up about the pressure to “snap back.” However, the actress revealed that she was taking her time to work on her postpartum physique.

Simz Ngema

She said in an Instagram post two months post-delivery: “I haven’t been binding my tummy because I had a C-section and I’ve gained 20kg [I enjoy eating], but it’s time for me to start my journey of getting back into shape.

Simz Ngema

Simz – who has been branded a “yummy mummy” – added: “I’m giving myself a year. Ang’funi pressure, please. Baking a whole human being is a big deal, and I’ve learned to be kind to myself. You can miss me with the pressures of snap back.”

Simz Ngema

Two years later, Simz shared another inspiring IG post. She posted: “Dear new mum, take your time with your body. You carried a whole human being. It’s okay to fall as long as you don’t stay down. A little commitment and discipline can take you far.

Simz Ngema

“Stop comparing yourself to other people, it’s been two years, and I’m still working on my body. Stay in your lane and love the body you are in”.

Simz Ngema

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