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To optimize revenue collection, Government assumes control of Kasumbalesa border station

The Vehicle Traffic Management System at the Kasumbalesa Border Facility, along with other supporting infrastructure, is now being managed by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

This comes after the fourth cabinet meeting that was conducted last week at State House.

According to Chushi Kasanda, minister of information and media, the Cabinet made the decision after the Concession Agreement between the Government and the Zambia (I. P.) Border Crossing Corporation ZIPBCC expired on Friday, March 3, 2023.

“The Government and ZIPBCC signed a Concession Agreement for Kasumbalesa Border Post on 1st July, 2009, to Design, Build, Operate and Transfer.  The operations of the border facility by ZIPBCC commenced in March, 2011,” she said.

The transfer of the Kasumbalesa Border Post will enable the government to supervise the operations of the border facility and maximize revenue collection for carrying out developmental programs, according to Mrs. Kasanda, who is also the chief spokesperson for the government.

She claimed that because Kasumbalesa has grown to be a particularly busy crossing point for cross-border trade, the Cabinet places a great deal of significance on border operations.

“Over time, business at Kasumbalesa border has greatly increased, particularly with increased volume of trade between Zambia and the DRC.  The border has also become the main crossing point for goods and services from many countries in the Southern African region and as such, Cabinet feels special attention needs to be attached to ensure smooth operation of the Kasumbalesa border going forward,” Mrs Kasanda said.

Cabinet also discussed the National Youth Week of 2023 and praised the wide range of events planned by the Ministry of Youth, Sport, and the Arts for the week, which will conclude with the celebration of Youth Day on March 12, 2023.

“Cabinet indicated that the planned activities for the commemoration of the 2023 National Youth week which included among others, the Exhibition by Youth Entrepreneurs and Innovations and The National Youth Indaba should be undertaken in order to promote youth participation in the development of the country,” Mrs Kasanda said.

She urged all stakeholders to participate in the planned activities and show solidarity and encourage the youth to fully participate in the development of the country.

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