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Transport fees increase

Due to the recent fuel price increase, THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has announced a slight increase in bus rates.

Mukela Mangolwa, the interim head of public relations at RTSA, announced that the organization has granted the bus companies’ request to modify bus fares.

The following increases in bus rates have been approved: K1.00 for other towns, K5.0% for InterCity long distance, and K5.0% for InterCity local.

Inter-Mine or peri-urban Copperbelt K1.00, Lusaka Local and other towns K1.00

K2.00 in Lusaka’s peri-urban area, stated Mukela Mangolwa.

According to him, the hike was necessary to offset a K2.73 increase in gasoline prices and a K2.81 increase in diesel prices at the fuel pumps.

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