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Tree Is Hurt By Love Seeking People

In an effort to determine whether their partner or potential partner is in love with them, some people of Livingstone have kept tearing up little branches of an acacia tree.

In some regions of the nation, this custom has been followed for a very long period.

When a ZNBC News crew checked the acacia shrubs in the region of Mwandi Township, they discovered that nearly all of them had had some of their branches severed by individuals who were apparently looking for love.

According to JOSEPH SIMAKKOBELA, a native of Livingstone, many individuals in the area use the specific tree to determine whether or not their partners are in love with them.

According to Mr. SIMAKKOBELA, one must hold two sides of a branch and slowly rip them apart; if the branch does not break, it indicates that your spouse loves you, but if it does, it indicates that they do not.


However, BENJAMIN MIBENGE, a conservationist based in Livingstone, has urged locals to leave the tree alone.

While it is true that some trees’ roots or leaves can be used as medicine to treat conditions like a cough or headache, Mr. MIBENGE asserts that plants cannot foretell one’s romantic destiny.

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