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Two Additional Districts Register Cases of Cholera

When further cases were reported in the Chipangali in the Eastern Province and the Nchelenge District of the Luapula Province, there are now five districts that are cholera-affected.

One death was reported in Nchelenge, where four cases have been identified, according to health minister SYLVIA MASEBO.

And according to Ms. MASEBO, nine new cases of cholera have been reported in the last day in the five districts.

Yet, she asserts that consuming tainted food or water continues to be a risk factor for cholera.

The Minister has exhorted individuals to take the essential precautions, such as drinking boiled or chlorinated water, washing their hands with safe water, and eating warm food.

Today at a press conference in Lusaka, Ms. MASEBO asked attendees to practice good personal hygiene, keep their surroundings tidy, and refrain from shaking hands.


She continued by saying that the government had also implemented a number of measures to stop the disease’s development and the spread of other ailments that the public was worried about.

The measles campaign, which took place in Pemba, Sinazongwe, and Kafue among other places, was successful, according to Ms. MASEBO.

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