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20 candidates for the license examination were eliminated

Twenty candidates who were scheduled to take licensing exams have been rejected after being accused of presenting forged grade-twelve transcripts.


Out of more than 2,000 candidates, this is.


According to FASTONE GOMA, the Registrar and CEO of the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCE), two applicants have already been reported to the police for using phony grade 12 transcripts, and six more are being looked into.


Other candidates, according to Professor GOMA, did not certify their paperwork.


At a news conference held in Lusaka today, Professor GOMA also revealed that the council had discovered four instances of HPCZ licence fraud among the 11,000 healthcare workers hired the previous year.

The four who were employed last year were discovered to hold false health practitioner licenses, according to Professor GOMA.

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