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Two ladies are taken to court over wedding gowns

For allegedly stealing a wedding dress from a store at Ice Drop Mall worth roughly K5,000, a saleswoman and a hairstylist from Mtendere are in hot water.

After the gown vanished, it was subsequently discovered hanging on a clothesline at the residence of one of the two suspects who had previously worked at the store from which the wedding gown was purportedly stolen.

Two suspects, Jane Shamalala, 24, and Grace Chanda, 21, were taken into custody after investigations resulted in their detention. They are now being prosecuted on one count of theft by servant.

The outfit, which was claimed to have been stolen on January 14 this year and was worth K4,500, was once owned by both suspects.

According to the allegations, Chilando Mukandawire visited her store during the relevant hours and began hunting for a wedding gown so that a customer could verify whether it suits her.

Ms. Mukandawire asked her staff to hunt for the outfit with her after a futile search, but they were unsuccessful.

A hairdresser at the salon was later informed by the informant that the alleged missing dress had been spotted there.

The gown vanished after Jane left her work at the same shop, it was subsequently discovered.

Before quitting her employment, Jane once requested to stay at the store overnight with the keys so that she could clean the space.

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