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Two people killed when Toyota Hilux runs them over

TWO residents of Mumbwa were killed after a Toyota Hilux driver ran them over while attempting to avoid colliding with a stopped car parked in the center of the road.

When Robbie Nzhuwawo lost control of his automobile while attempting to avoid colliding with a stopped car in the center of the road and struck two victims who were standing by the side of the road, Brian Moolo, 23, and Peter Simulwe, 38, they both died instantly.

The tragic news was confirmed by Central Province Police Commissioner David Chileshe.

According to Mr. Chileshe, the incident happened on Sunday at about 20:50 at the Nangoma bridge.

He claimed that Mr. Nzhuwawo, the driver, has subsequently been arrested and charged with the crime of causing death by unsafe driving.

“Two pedestrians died on the spot after being run-over by a Toyota Hilux Registration Number AJE 134. The accident happened when the driver Robbie Nzhuwawo aged 46 of Lusaka’s Makeni area tried to avoid hitting into a stationary vehicle which was parked in the middle of the road. In the process, he lost control of the vehicle and careered off the road hitting into the two pedestrians who were standing off the road,” he said.

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