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Charges against 8 Croatians attempting to traffic children dropped

The investigation into the attempted trafficking of four children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) by eight Croatians has been dropped.

This came after the state requested that the case be dropped in accordance with section 88(a) of the Criminal Procedure Code, chapter 87 of the Zambian laws.

The eight were detained at the Ndola airport last year on suspicion of trying to traffic four youngsters between the ages of one and three.

Electrical technician Damir Magic, chemical teacher Nadic Magic, musician Subosic Zoran, Constitutional Court administrator Immovic Subosic, veterinarian Ladislav Persic, dog groomer Aleksandra Persic, human rights activist Noah Kraljevic, and proxy actress at that nation’s national theater Ivona Kraljevic were all detained and accused of trying to traffic in children they claimed to have adopted.

The spouses who had reserved rooms at the aforementioned lodge in Ndola did not initially have the children in question, but three days later, workers at the establishment became aware of the kids when one of them couldn’t stop sobbing.

However, the state requested that the matter be dropped through attorney Mahape Libakeni.

He claimed that the people had decided not to pursue the case that was supposed to go to trial again.

However, magistrate Dominic Makalicha cautioned that the application’s discontinuation does not constitute acquittal in his judgement, which approved the application.

“The matter is therefore discontinued. However, a reminder is that this is not an acquittal ,but a discharge,” he said.

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