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Two vehicles Stolen In separate events

Police in Lusaka have started looking into two different incidents from yesterday where two people had their cars taken.

In one instance, an unidentified man pretending to be a helpful stranger who wanted to solve a problem with the victim’s car stole the vehicle from the 50-year-old woman.

Then, after repairing the issue, the man drove away, abandoning the woman.

The other incidence was a 40-year-old man who left his automobile at the car wash while he went to get a wash.

Police in Zambia have launched investigations into two thefts of motor vehicles involving a tiny Pajero with the license plate BAB 9506 and a Toyota with the license plate 6693, according to deputy police spokesperson Danny Mwale.

“In the case of the Mini Pajero, the alleged theft occurred when the victim identified as Margaret Mulenga aged 50, while driving along the Ring road in Lusaka, her motor vehicle developed a mechanical fault and she parked on the roadside. One unknown man came to offer help and soon after fixing the problem, he drove off leaving the victim standing by the roadside,” he said.

He said the incident occurred on January 3rd, yesterday and police were alerted , with immediate investigations starting.

“And Police are looking for a car wash worker who is alleged to have stolen a Toyota Noah registration number BBA 6693 which was left at the car wash for washing.The incident occurred on January 3, 2023 at waterfalls car wash located at waterfalls mall in lusaka,” he said.

Initial investigations, according to Mr. Mwale, show that Mwelwa Mukosha, a man in his fifties, left his car at a car wash to be washed, found three people there who he assumed to be workers, and then walked back to his workplace at the waterfalls mall with the intention of picking up the car when he knocked off.

“To his surprise, he did not find the vehicle at the cash wash as arranged. Upon inquiry, he was told that one of the car wash workers had driven the vehicle to unknown destination shortly after the owner left it,” he said.

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