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Unidentified individuals steal Mercedes Benzes In Lusaka

A 42-year-old Lusaka woman’s Mercedes Benz has been stolen by UNKNOWN thieves.

It’s thought that the victim parked the vehicle someplace in Kamwala and, upon returning, discovered a man and a woman in the passenger seat taking off with it.

A cellphone made by Infinx with an undisclosed value and K7,000 in cash were also taken along with the vehicle.

According to Danny Mwale, a Deputy Police spokesperson, the event took place in kamwala South on March 7, 2023, at 12:00.

“Unknown people stole a Mercedez Benz ML-Class grey in color bearing registration number ABR 5520.Brief facts are that the victim only identified as Gloria aged 42 of Libala residential area went to visit her relative in Kamwala South near Asa Farm where she parked the vehicle just off the yard and went inside the house leaving the engine running with keys in the ignition,” he said.

She claimed to have taken only a few minutes, and when she returned to her car, she noticed that it had been driven away by a man, with a woman sitting in the front passenger seat.

“She immediately called for a taxi that was nearby to give chase but they lost sight of the vehicle in Kabwata Site and Service area. The matter was then reported to Police and investigation into the matter have been instituted,” he said.

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