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For 2020 police assault case, Minister of transportation requests reparations

After being attacked by a police officer in December 2020, Minister of Transportation and Logistics Frank Tayali filed a lawsuit in an effort to recover damages.

Mr. Tayali is requesting compensation for an alleged aggravated assault committed against him by a police officer who brandished an AK-47 rifle in his direction.

According to a statement of claim submitted to the Lusaka High Court by United Party for National Development (UPND) MP from Ndola Central, this is the case.

The minister claims in the petition that he was unfairly assaulted by members of the Zambia Police Service and that the defendant was vicariously accountable for the officers’ malicious actions while they were ostensibly carrying out their responsibilities.

He claims that on or around December 23, 2020, a zealous police officer attacked him bodily in Lusaka.

“The incident happened when the plaintiff was part of the people who had accompanied UPND leader  Hakainde Hichilema, now the President of the Republican of Zambia, who was  summoned by the police for questioning at Police Service headquarters,” the documents read.

According to Mr. Tayali, police personnel stopped Mr. Hichilema and his entourage at the Cabinet Office while they were traveling to the police headquarters while he was then in the opposition.

The petitioner’s vehicle was in front of Mr. Hichilema’s at the time.

He claims that while raising his hands, he exited his car and approached the policemen, asking them why they were stopping them.

“In response, an overzealous police officer pointed a military-grade AK 47 assault rifle at his  head and made various threats against him, causing him fear for his safety and wellbeing,” the document reads.

According to Mr. Tayali, the assault caused him to develop hypertension, which the police officer’s actions served to exacerbate.

He further claims that a dangerous military-grinade weapon was aimed at him, endangering his life.

” The plaintiff was placed in a state of fear of violence, which was happened prior to incidents of police brutality and extra-judicial killings.,” the document reads.

He complains that the near-death traumatic experience caused him great distress.

“The plaintiff  suffered from hypertension as a direct result of the assault, and incurred special damages,” the document reads.

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