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Vet CDF Contracts: 25 State Advocates

25 State Advocates have been dispatched by the government to five provinces to oversee the vetting of contracts under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

North-Western, Central, Eastern, Northern, and Southern are the provinces.

The State Advocates will also pursue civil litigation cases where the government has an interest, according to Attorney General MULILO KABESHA.

Since then, Mr. Kabesha has called on the State Advocates to offer legal counsel on CDF administration in order to advance rural development and the provision of services to citizens.

He has also counseled the 25 State Advocates, including the 12 newly hired and the 13 promoted, to thwart any attempts at corruption and lead morally admirable lives.

Mr. KABESHA was speaking in Lusaka at the time of the new hires’ orientation.

Additionally, the Attorney General stated that the decentralization of his office’s responsibilities complies with the Constitution and is a strategy for the governance initiatives included in the 8th National Development Plan.

According to him, decentralization also aims to speed up contract and agreement clearance and increase the effectiveness of civil proceedings.

In the meantime, MARSHAL MUCHENDE, the Solicitor General, requested the Advocates to aid in the recovery of public funds due to the large number of paid-for contracts that have not been completed.

The two-day induction, according to Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary in Charge of Administration THANDIWE OTENG, is intended to educate new staff on how to manage CDF contracts, which are essential to the establishment of the Attorney General’s Chambers in the Provincial Centers.

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