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Warning to Chiefs About Extending Land Boundaries

Chiefs have been warned by the government not to increase their chiefdom’s borders because of subject resettlement.

District and chiefdom boundaries are independent of one another, according to NICHOLAS PHIRI, Permanent Secretary of Local Government and Technical Service.

Additionally, Mr. PHIRI is worried about the county’s growing chiefdom boundary disputes, claiming that they could thwart efforts to develop the impacted areas.

According to Mr. PHIRI, land is a valuable resource that is essential to development, so it is important to resolve land-related disputes amicably.

During a consultative meeting with chiefs from Samfya and the adjacent districts held in Samfya, the PS made this statement in a speech read on his behalf by Luapula Province Permanent Secretary MIGHTY MUMBA. The speech was about replica 1958 chiefdom border maps with topographic details.

Senior Chief KALASA MUKOSO also raised concern about political boundary concerns, which he claims are obstructing traditional chiefdom boundaries.

The traditional chief counseled the government to abide by the traditional maps in order to prevent confusion over boundaries, particularly those that straddle provincial lines.

Senior Chief MWEWA applauded the government for providing the copies of the maps, saying that doing so will stop conflicts over chiefdom borders.

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