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When Freddy strikes, Mozambique will experience severe flooding

Storm Freddy, which developed to the north-west of Australia more than 30 days ago, is still active and may set a record for the longest-lasting tropical cyclone ever.

The weather system is currently being examined by the World Meteorological Organization to determine if its longevity truly sets new records.

It has alternated between coastal Madagascar and southern Mozambique during the past week or so.

It is already strengthening once more, and its final act will be to return to Mozambique as a cyclone with wind gusts over 160 km/h (99.4 mph) and a coastal storm surge.

Flooding will become the main danger as the storm approaches the coast of central Mozambique late on Friday and winds progressively decrease.

During the weekend, central Mozambique and southern Malawi might receive between 30cm and 50cm (11.8in and 19.8in) of rain, with severe floods probable over a significant area.

Significant rain will also fall over areas of Zimbabwe and southern Zambia into the next week.

But, this could be the storm’s final performance.

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