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Separated Nkanza, Yamba Court Cases

Former Secretary to the Treasury FREDSON YAMBA and former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education PATRICK NKANZA were both indicted separately on charges of corruption and improper payment authorization.

However, Dr. NKANZA has been charged separately by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) after the Economic and Financial Crimes Court approved his request to not be charged alongside Mr. YAMBA.

In connection with the acquisition of a contract with China Energy Engineering Group-Hunan Electric Power Design Institute worth more than K213 million, Dr. NKANZA is now accused of willfully breaking the law.

Dr. NKANZA’s case has been assigned to Magistrate SILVIA MUNYINYA by LUSAKA Chief Resident Magistrate DAVID CHIBWILI.

Trial in the case is scheduled on May 2, 2023.

The prosecution has been criticized by Chief Resident Magistrate DAVID CHIBWILI for the case’s many adjournments.

The prosecution’s continuous requests for adjournments, according to Magistrate Chibwili, have hampered the quick administration of justice.

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