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The Defense Wings Recruiting Process Is Legal-PS

The security wings have begun hiring military people in accordance with the legislation, according to Permanent Secretary of Defense NORMAN CHIPAKUPAKU.

In contrast to the current circumstance, when his office is swamped with lists of names recommended for recruitment, Mr. CHIPAKUPAKU asserts that only recruitment officers and the boards are mandated to recruit the qualified officers.

No Minister or Permanent Secretary may offer any names for employment, according to Mr. CHIPAKUPAKU.

In the coming days, he promises, a final list will be made and an announcement made.

According to Mr. CHIPAKUPAKU, out of the more than 200 000 applicants, only 5,000 will be hired.

When the Northern Provincial Minister LEONARD MBAO had a courtesy call, the Defence PS made this statement.

And Mr. CHIPAKUPAKU claimed that his Ministry is aware of the human trafficking that occurs in the far east and travels through Tanzania and Zambia.

He claimed that in order to stop the rising levels of human trafficking into Zambia, the Defense Forces had enlisted neighboring Tanzania to install human scanners.

According to Lieutenant Colonel SHENKI K ZULU, assistant ZNS secretary, the action will secure cheaper costs for the good.

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