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Woman detained for stealing newborn from hospital

A 7-day-old baby was stolen by a 28-year-old lady from Lubuto Township in Ndola.

According to a statement from Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba to ZANIS, Susan Kayambo’s baby was stolen by Sophia Kabila in order to replace the one she lost due to a miscarriage.

According to Mr. MWEEMBA, the suspect escaped with the child under the pretense that she was a relative.


He informed ZANIS that Kayembo, the complaint, was receiving medical care following the caesarian section delivery of the child.

The baby started sobbing at one point, according to the commissioner, and the suspect used the opportunity to soothe the child as nurses administered a cannula drip and obtained blood samples from Ms. Kayembo.

Around 18 hours after the baby was born, the mother asked the nurses to bring her child, and it was then that it was revealed that the woman had fled with the child.


At 23:00, the Hospital Police Post received a report of the incident. The defendant, who admitted she intended to replace the child she miscarried at six months pregnant, was apprehended by the police.

The infant was returned to its mother while the suspect was held in police custody and will shortly appear in court.

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