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Work being done by HH to repair economic damage

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is reportedly making every effort to undo the economic harm caused by the previous ten years, according to presidential spokesperson ANTHONY BWALYA.

According to Mr. BWALYA, the government, led by President HICHILEMA, has decreased the rate of inflation from 24% last year to roughly 9%.


He claims that because of the lower inflation rate, prices for products and services are not increasing as quickly as they did during the previous administration.

According to Mr. BWALYA, President HICHILEMA’s administration was able to boost the GDP by 3% in just one year.

Additionally, he claims that the Kwacha has become one of the world’s best-performing currencies as a result of the government’s economic policies, a development that has given the economy a fresh lease on life.

According to Mr. BWALYA, the government is also striving to pay off the over $1 billion in unpaid gasoline arrears left by the former administration.

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