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Work With World Bank On The Power Connection

An energy expert has recommended that the government work with cooperative partners to increase people’s access to the national electrical grid.

This, according to Dr. JOHNSTONE CHIKWANDA, is because of new electrical connection fees that are expected to go into force on January 1 of the following year.

According to Dr. Chikwanda, collaborating partners can help reduce the cost of connecting to the grid by connecting people who cannot afford energy connection fees through programs like those run by the World Bank.

According to Dr. CHIKWANDA, Zambia will be able to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 7 on access to energy for everyone by 2030 by expanding the number of electrical connections.

Additionally, he urged ZESCO and financial institutions to utilize creative financing options so that customers could pay for the new prices according to predetermined terms.

New power connection fees will take effect on January 1st of next year, according to recent announcements from Energy Minister PETER KAPALA.

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