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Buya Bamba Exports Potatoes To Nambia And South Africa

Frozen Irish potato chips are now being exported from Zambia to South Africa and Namibia.

Through Shoprite, one of Africa’s largest retail stores, the export is being carried out.

Shoprite South Africa has so far imported 6 containers of frozen chips from Buya Bamba Zambia to be sold in Cape Town shops, according to Charles Bota, general manager of Shoprite Zambia.

36 more containers, according to Mr. BOTA, are already on order.

25 tons of frozen chips, according to him, were also imported into Namibia’s market the previous month.

According to Mr. BOTA, local Shoprite and Hungry Lion stores have not imported frozen Chips from South Africa for the past five months since a local supplier, Buya Bamba, can supply the quantity and quality needed.

Zambia used to import millions of dollars’ worth of frozen potato chips from South Africa and other markets.

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