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Youth in Lusaka loses K70,000 after ‘investing’ in 1xBET

A Lusaka BOOTH teller admitted to stealing K70,000 from his company and using a portion of the proceeds for gambling.

Theft by servant is alleged against the defendant, 19-year-old Dainess Mulenga.

It is alleged that on January 21, 2023, the defendant took K77, 275 in cash from Chishala Chandwe when she was working as a booth teller for him.

The defendants entered a guilty plea on Tuesday when they appeared before Lusaka magistrate Mutinta Mwenya.

When questioned about her motives, the accused said that she initially ran out of K20,000 and failed to notify her employer of the situation.

Mulenga testified in court that after receiving a portion of her employer’s funds, she opened a 1xBet account in hopes of winning and recovering the K20,000 that had gone missing.

“I started betting using K57,000 but I lost, meaning in total, the shortage was now over K70, 000,” she explained.

As the accused is only admitting to being accountable for a portion of the missing money, Magistrate Mutinta stated she will record that the accused admits to taking the money she used for gambling.

The case, which is being handled by public prosecutor Malama Chisenga, was postponed until a later time so that the facts could be read and potential sentences could be considered.

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