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Zambia Army Will Not Compromise Training of Its Recruits

Commander Zambia Army, Lieutenant General Sitali Dennis Alibuzwi says Zambia Army will not compromise training of its Officers and Soldiers to suit some people’s imaginary standards.

Lt Gen Alibuzwi says there are conditions at Zambia Military Academy (ZMA) and Recruit Training Centres (RTCs) which Cadets and Recruits respectively,should meet for them to be declared ready for commissioning and passing-out.

Lt Gen Alibuzwi said at Army headquarters in Lusaka during the official opening of the 2024 first quarter Command Council on Tuesday, 2 April, 2024 that training should always meet the desired results.

“When we asses ourselves how far we’ve gone and we find that we are not ready, it’s not about the time frame but content which is important. Therefore Command will not be rushed into passing out half-baked recruits until the lessons are attained. We have our own syllabus which we follow and we shall stick to that,” he said.

Lt Gen Alibuzwi has since warned those circulating false information on the pass-out of recruits to stop henceforth. The Commander added that because of its set standards, Zambia Army has continued attracting the attention of other defence forces in the region, one of which being the Umbutfo Eswatini Defence Force.

Lt Gen Alibuzwi said during his visit to Zambia, Umbutfo Eswatini Defence Force Commander, Gen Moses Fakudze expressed delight at the high training standards Zambia Army has set and that arrangements are underway to have personnel from Eswatini trained under Zambia Army Command.
He revealed that one of the brigades in Eswatini Defence Force is commanded by a female Brigadier General who was trained at Zambia Military Academy, stating that from such good tidings, Zambia Army will always endeavour to set higher training standards.

Source: Lusakatimes

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