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Zambia’s Railways To Be Rehabilitated By Swedish Gov

According to the Swedish government, the environmental and social impact assessment of the Zambian railway is coming to a close in order to clear the way for massive railway infrastructure rehabilitation.

The first part of the project, which also involves a technical examination, is comprehensive and in accordance with international standards, according to JOHAN HALLENBORG, the Swedish ambassador to Zambia.

According to Mr. HALLENBORG, the restoration will provide employment and aid the nation’s transition to a green and sustainable economy.

The Ambassador made this statement when they met at State House to talk about the project with President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

Railway infrastructure, according to President HICHILEMA, is crucial to Zambia’s plan for economic restoration.

The movement of large commodities depends on the railroad system, according to President HICHILEMA, who wants it to start operating efficiently.

The President also said that key economic goals, like the one to generate 3 million tons of copper over the next ten years, depend on the railroad.

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