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The Govt Is Constructing Two Mini-hospitals In Chinsali

In the districts of Chinsali and Isoka in Muchinga Province, the government is constructing two small hospitals.

The tiny hospitals are located in Musanya and Sasamweji, two densely populated localities.

The Mini Hospital in Isoka is already built and furnished.

Initially, it was intended for the two tiny hospitals to serve as Covid 19 response centers.

The two medical facilities cost more than K8 MILLION.

The $1,500,000 Kwacha Chinsali-Nakonde road project has a community component with this project.

According to Resident Engineer DEWALD POTGIETER of the Civil Planning Group, Sasamweji Mini Hospital is finished, furnished, and prepared to be turned over to the Ministry of Health.

A midwife at Sansamweji named RABBECCA LUKAVU is pleased that the medical center can now offer the neighborhood better maternal services.

The little hospital will be a relief to the more than 8,000 people that the facility must care for, according to CHILESHE SAMPA, a certified nurse at Musanya rural Health clinic.

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