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Zamcom Asked By Kalunga To Help Change Media Narrative

The Zambia Institute of Mass Communication, or ZAMCOM, has been asked by the government to alter the perception of how media workers behave and perform in the nation.

The public looks to organizations like ZAMCOM, according to Information and Media Permanent Secretary KENNEDY KALUNGA, to assist enhance perceptions of the behavior and effectiveness of media employees.

Mr. Kalunga also thanked the departing chair, Robert Makola, for his role in the institution’s restructuring, which among other things led to the timely payment of employees’ salaries.

During Mr. MAKOLA’s goodbye ceremony in Lusaka, he was speaking.

In the meantime, Mr. MAKOLA made a suggestion about the upcoming launch of a ZAMCOM Radio Station, whose equipment he assisted in obtaining.

According to Mr. MAKOLA, the launch of ZAMCOM Radio Station will enhance the institutions’ revenue-generating activities while also giving students the opportunity to get practical experience.

Additionally, Mr. MAKOLA was complimented for his significant effort to improving the institution’s reputation by the incoming ZAMCOM Board Chairperson, LEONARD KANTUMOYA.

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