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ZESCO: End Of Load Shedding

The country’s load shedding has ended, according to ZESCO.

According to ZESCO Managing Director VICTOR MAPANI, load-shedding will no longer occur in the nation.

According to Mr. MAPANI, businesses and homes across the nation will now have uninterrupted power for the whole 24 hours.

He claims that numerous efforts, such as the restoration and upgrading of electricity generation at various power stations across the nation, have made this necessary.

At a press conference in Lusaka today, Mr. MAPANI revealed that ZESCO had updated the Victoria Falls power facility, which is currently supplying roughly 20 Megawatts to the National Grid.

In addition, he claimed that ZESCO has increased power output at the Kafue Gorge Upper and Lower Power Stations by more than 150 megawatts.

According to Mr. MAPANI, the Utility Company would shortly boost Lake Kariba’s power production from its present 250 megawatts to 350.

He claimed that the rising water levels in the Kariba dam are what caused the projected upgrading.

Following the conclusion of discussions, Mr. MAPANI noted, the government also intends to start importing roughly 120 megawatts from Mozambique.

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