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Zimbabwean man Attacked By 6 Criminals in Nakonde

Six unidentified criminals attacked a 35-year-old Zimbabwean citizen with stones as he was traveling from the Nakonde border to Zimbabwe, prompting police in Muchinga to initiate a manhunt for them.

While travelling in a place called Danger Hill, where the aforementioned bandits had blocked the route, Brighton Rangarirai was attacked.

As the perpetrators noticed the victim coming, they pulled out their stones and began to stone his automobile, prompting the victim to exit the vehicle and run for aid out of fear for his life.

The perpetrators searched the victim’s car after the stone attack and stole everything he had purchased from Nakonde.

According to Kaunda Mubanga, commanding officer of Muchinga Province, the event happened yesterday at or around 00:00 in the Danger hill area along the Great North Road.

According to Mr. Mubanga, Mr. Rangarirai reported the theft of a 90 kilogram bag containing 144 women’s sandals valued at K20,000, men’s safari shirts worth K60,000, men’s jeans worth K12,000, laptop bags worth K13,000, a birth certificate, a National Identity Card, a school certificate, and three passports worth K36,500 from a white Nissan note with the registration number IT 4794.

“Brief facts are that on Saturday, March 11th, 2023 ,the driver who is the reporter started off from Zimbabwe going to Nakonde to pick his vehicle which was at the Border. When he reached there, he decided to buy the mentioned items for his family and started off yesterday Monday, March 13th at 10:00 hours going back to his country Zimbabwe. Around 20:00 hours, when he reached at Danger hill, he noticed that the road was blocked with stones and logs so he immediately slowed  down the vehicle and saw more than six unknown persons coming to his vehicle with stones and  immediately started throwing stones to his vehicle  so he got scared,  stepped out of his vehicle and ran away, but they didn’t stop throwing stones and continued chasing him. He however,  managed to escape leaving his vehicle behind,” he said.

Mr Mubanga said after seeing that he had run away, the criminals damaged the rear screen and managed to open the boot and stole the above mentioned item.

“With the help of his friends who were coming from behind, he managed to report the matter to Mpika Police Station.Acting on the report officers rushed  to the scene with the help of the reporter  and found the road still blocked and the vehicle damaged without anything in the boot. No recovery or arrest have been made, but investigation have been launched  in the matter,” he said.

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