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ZNS To Remove Waste From Lusaka

The Zambia National Service (ZNS) has been hired by the government to remove trash that has been impermissibly dumped at Chainda Compound in Lusaka.

The garbage was allegedly heaped up by residents in one location after word spread that the council would pick it up for free.

The behavior, according to Minister of Local Government GARRY NKOMBO, is inappropriate and may result in an outbreak of waterborne illnesses like cholera.

Mr. Nkombo asked the locals to exhibit responsibility and only dispose of trash in approved areas while speaking during a situational assessment exercise.

The authorities also voiced its concern with the traders at Kaunda Square Stage 1 Market for depositing waste in a freshly constructed area and switching to trading outside the market.

The ZNS Commander, Lieutenant General MALITI SOLOCHI, stated that the situation is concerning and endangers the community’s health.

According to Lt. General SOLOCHI, ZNS has supplied tippers and other equipment to help with the cleanup of the trash that has been deposited in Chainda Compound.

Mike Mposha, a member of parliament representing Munali, praised the administration and ZNS for taking care of the issue.

Mr. MPOSHA gave unregistered vendors in Kaunda Square Stage 1 market a five-day deadline to move their wares into authorized areas or risk legal action.

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