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Zyambo Denies Charges Of Corruption

Former Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture SONGOWAYO ZYAMBO and two other individuals have refuted allegations of corruption involving 131 million dollars and unsupplied fertilizer.

Former Ministry of Agriculture Principal Agricultural Economist GREY MWALE and Principal Accountant EMMANUEL KABWE are also charged with crimes in addition to Mr. ZYAMBO.

The three are charged with one count of using public funds to pay for items that were not completely supplied.

Before Chief Resident Magistrate DAVIES CHIBWILI, they appeared to enter a plea.

It is alleged that Mr. ZYAMBO, Mr. KABWE, and Mr. MWALE paid NERIA’s Investments Limited out of public funds for commodities that were not fully supplied.

The transaction in question is said to have taken place between January and August 2021.

The case is anticipated to go to trial on January 30, 2023.

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