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170,000 Farmers Put A K400 Deposit Down

The Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) has received 400 Kwacha from over 170,000 farmers in Southern Province.

Additionally, 59 percent have already gathered their data.

Max Choombe, the agricultural coordinator for the Southern Province, also disclosed that, of the 183,375 total targets, just 40% have yet to collect their inputs.

According to Dr. Choombe, he anticipates that the farmers who have not yet received their inputs would do so soon.

Dominic Mabumba, acting senior marketing development officer for Southern Province, reports that Monze district has completed granting the Authority to Collect for all the farmers.

With 31,000 beneficiaries, Kalomo has the most in the Province, according to Mr. Mabumba.

In the province, the FISP initiative has been successful, according to Mr. Mabumba, as input collecting is proceeding without any problems.

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