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7-year-old missing child discovered dead

A seven-year-old Kapiri-Mposhi boy’s body who vanished on Friday of last week has been discovered in the Mulungushi river.

The body pieces of Nathaniel Chanda, who is thought to have drowned, were discovered damaged from fish attacks.

In the meantime, an 86-year-old Serenje resident perished after her grass-thatched home caught fire while she was inside it.

The body of the deceased youngster was found yesterday at 15:00 hours in Riverside township in Central Province, according to David Chileshe, the commissioner of police for Central Province, who confirmed the tragic occurrence involving the seven-year-old boy.

“A seven-year-old male Juvenile identified as Nathaniel Chanda, who went missing on March 31st this year was found drowned in the Mulungushi river on yesterday April 2nd, this year around 15:00 hours, in riverside township.

Police and Fire Brigade Officers visited the scene and retrieved the body from the river. Upon inspection the body was found with some cuts on the ears, lips, neck and hands suspected to have been caused by fish bites,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jane Kabamba, died after the grass thatched house she was sleeping in caught fire.

“The fire was suspected to have started from a brazier, which was left on in the house. This happened around 02:00 hours in Chief Kabamba’s area. No foul play was suspected in the incident,” he said.

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