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9-year-old Boy Loses Hand To Croc Attack

The right arm of a nine-year-old kid from Nyawa village in Kazungula district was amputated after a crocodile attacked him while he was swimming in a river with his pals.

STANFORD MAKALICHI, the boy’s father, told ZNBC News that OBREY MAKALICHI was only saved from the crocodile’s jaws by a bystander who overheard a plea for aid.

He claims that the boy’s right arm had suffered significant injury by the time he was pulled from the water.

The Zambia Flying Doctor Service, which is currently conducting an outreach program in Nyawa chiefdom, assisted in the early-morning evacuation of the boy who is currently receiving care at the Livingstone Teaching Hospital.

And MUTUNA CHIWELE, a general surgeon at Livingstone Teaching Hospital, verified to ZNBC News over the phone that the youngster underwent surgery this morning and had his right arm amputated.

The boy is currently stable and receiving care, according to Dr. CHIWELE.

In the meantime, in order to allow people to receive medical care as near to their homes as feasible, Chief NYAWA has requested that the government build more health facilities in his chiefdom.

More than 200,000 people, according to Chief NYAWA, reside in his chiefdom and require medical attention.

The organization is currently in Kazungula district, according to NAMBULA SILILO, the ZFDS Public Relations Manager, for an outreach program that provides primary healthcare in difficult-to-reach areas.

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