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Abolish the Former Presidents Act

The Former Presidents Act has to be changed, according to MIKATAZO WAKUMELO, a former administrative assistant in the Office of the Fourth President.

According to Mr. WAKUMELO, this is done in order to add clauses that will permit offices of former heads of state to function even after their passing.

He has emphasized that under the existing rules, the Office of a Former President must be closed down within three months following a former leader’s passing.

According to Mr. WAKUMELO’s addition, the change will enable effective management of the history and records pertaining to the activities of a late former president.

In advance of the first memorial for former President RUPIAH BANDA, which falls tomorrow, March 11, 2023, he made this statement in an exclusive interview with ZNBC news.

EUSTON CHIPUTA, a historian at the University of Zambia (UNZA), urged the government to enhance financing for the National Museums Board and the National Archives of Zambia in a separate interview.

This, according to Dr. CHIPUTA, will allow the two organizations to efficiently handle the nation’s history.

He also stated that records from prior presidents’ terms, such as speeches they delivered, should be given to the appropriate institutions for archiving.

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