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Kenyan Launches LGBTQ Crackdown In Schools

Kenya’s education ministry has started a campaign to combat what it called the LGBTQ agenda’s penetration of schools.

Chaplaincies will be established by the government in schools, minister Ezekiel Machogu informed senators on Thursday.

There are worries that the program will result in schools teaching false information about LGBTQ people

LGBT is still illegal, but anti-gay sentiment has gotten worse since the Supreme Court upheld the gay community’s right to register an association last month.

According to the minister, a group has already been established to address LGBTQ issues in schools, and one of its potential responsibilities is to examine school textbooks.

An archbishop from the Kenyan Anglican Church will serve as its leader.

“These are issues that we can not be able to allow to infiltrate into our schools,” Mr Machogu said.

The senator raised concerns about the apparent expansion of the LGBTQ agenda in primary schools, and the minister was reacting to him.

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