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Amounts Released For Retirees Increase

K635.6 million has been made available by the government to pay pensions to retiring public servants.

According to the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, K427,7 million has also been made available for school grants to promote the free education policy.

Additionally, K2.4 billion has been made available for social benefits, transfers, and subsidies.

The Ministry has also made K12.4 billion available to pay for the provision of public services.

While K3.5 billion was spent on debt servicing and other liabilities, K3.6 billion has been set aside to pay for the public salary bill.

According to a statement given to ZNBC News, the Ministry has also given 100 million kwacha to the Local Authorities Superannuation fund to help pay contributions for retired local authority employees and K111.6 million to the Local Government Equalization fund to support local authorities’ operations.


SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE, the finance minister, stated that his ministry will be attentive and resolute in carrying out activities to ensure that there is no delay in the implementation of programs.

Dr. MUSOKOTWANE urged Ministries and government organizations to make sure that administrative preparations are undertaken in advance so that project execution is on schedule if their programs are set to start after the wet season.

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