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Army Worms Affect 61,000 Farmers

Fall Army Worms have affected at least 61,000 farmer households in Southern Province.

The Fall Army Worms have reportedly harmed roughly 41,000 hectares, according to Southern Province Agricultural Coordinator MAX CHOOMBE.

At Lusumpuko House in Choma, Dr. CHOOMBE was speaking as he provided an update on the Fall Army Worm attack on farmer households in Southern Province.

He said the government would keep up its awareness-raising efforts since, if the insect is not controlled, it could have an impact on the province’s overall produce.

The most severely damaged district in the province, according to Senior Field Crops Officer NOVAS SOMANJE, is Kalomo, which has at least 13,000 hectares of affected land and more over 23,000 farmer households.

Principal Agricultural Officer PAUL NYAMBE has since urged farmers to employ belt, a cheap and efficient pesticide, as a control measure.

Mr. Nyambe urged farmers to handle their operations like businesses by spending money on chemicals while they wait for the province’s government to provide them.

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