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FRA Quit Furnishing Maize To Traders

To curb the price increase of mealie meal, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has ceased providing maize to traders.

According to REUBEN MTOLO, the minister of agriculture, FRA will now focus on providing corn to millers, who would then sell to merchants.

According to Mr. MTOLO, the FRA is now supplying 250,000 metric tonnes of maize to all millers in the nation.

Mr. MTOLO stated during a news conference in Lusaka that the government will monitor all millers to make sure they sell the commodity at the suggested price.

He also revealed that the Ministry is collaborating with law enforcement organizations to guarantee that mealie meal exports at borders are carried out in a legal manner.

The Minister gave the people of Zambia his word that there would be enough maize to endure until the next harvest.

Mr. MTOLO claimed that due to good rainfall and nearly complete distribution of farming inputs, the nation is on track to produce a bumper crop.

According to the Agriculture Minister, 92 percent of urea has been distributed nationwide while Compound D fertilizer distribution has been finished nationwide.

According to Mr. MTOLO, the army worms have destroyed 124,000 hectares of corn and wheat throughout all ten regions.

11 percent of the crop was destroyed, according to Mr. MTOLO.

He claimed that the Treasury’s release of 55 million Kwacha was instrumental in the purchase of 99,000 liters of chemicals, which have thus far been given away without charge to farmers.

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