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Cassava and mangoes shouldn’t be wasted, says MUBANGA

ELIAS MUBANGA, minister of small and medium enterprises, has urged Luapula Province to add value to its abundantly farmed cassava and mangoes.


Mangoes and cassava, according to Mr. MUBANGA, shouldn’t be wasted every year because no value can be obtained from them.


Mr. MUBANGA stated that value addition will be prioritized in the area once he commissions the Mansa Industrial Yard during a courtesy call on Mighty Mumba, the permanent secretary of the Luapula Province.

He said that liquids might be created from mangoes to help fight poverty and create jobs.

Value addition, according to Mr. MUBANGA, will also contribute in minimizing food waste.

Additionally, he declared that the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) will assist any business owners who exhibit interest in pursuing value addition.


One of the eight industrial yards that the government is constructing nationwide as part of the CEEC is the Mansa Industrial Yard.

The industrial yards are anticipated to encourage value addition and support local industry in the corresponding provinces.

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