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In Mwansabombwe District, Cholera Emerges

Seven cases of cholera have been reported in the past day in the Mwansabombwe District.

However, according to SYLVIA MASEBO, the health minister, no cholera-related deaths have been reported in the region.

Ms. MASEBO informed the media about the cholera outbreak and said that the district of Vubwi has six new cases, increasing the total number of cases since the outbreak was first noted in the district to 42.

Eight people are now being treated in cholera isolation units at the district hospital, she said, while six patients have been discharged.

Since the disease’s outbreak in the Two Districts, just one cholera-related fatality has been reported in Zambia, Ms. MASEBO continued.

In addition, ROMA CHILENGI, director general of the Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI), stated that the cholera outbreaks are separate because they are brought on by different bacteria from two different regions.

The nation has been reassured by Professor CHILENGI that the Cholera Rapid Response team is ready to respond to any suspected cholera cases.

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