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Ex-ZAF commander found with case to answer

ERIC CHIMESE, a former commander of the Zambian air force, has been charged with money laundering and abuse of office on one count.

On one accusation of abuse of authority of office, in which he was charged with ordering ZAF officers to perform construction work at his Baobab plot in LUSAKA, Lieutenant General CHIMESE was, however, found not guilty.

General CHIMESE and his co-accused JAMES CHUNGU, the director of LUSAKA’s CHITA Lodge, have since been placed on defense by LUSAKA Magistrate CHANDA NSUNGE, who is presiding over the case in the Financial Crimes Court.

General CHIMESE and Mr. CHUNGU will begin their defense on March 20, 2023, according to Magistrate NSUNGE.

The two anticipate wrapping up their defense on March 24, 2023, and Magistrate NSUNGE plans to render a decision in the case in April 2023.

Nine residences in the Ibex Hill and Lilayi neighborhoods of LUSAKA are the subject of allegations against General CHIMESE of abuse of power and money laundering.

In February 2019, General CHIMESE and his co-defendant JAMES CHUNGU were taken into custody.

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