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Industrial Yards Will Fuel Job Creation

According to the African Development Bank (AfDB), building eight industrial yards in Zambia will increase job growth and lower poverty.


The AfDB, which has spent $30 million in the project, claims that the industrial yards will revitalize the local economies and open up employment prospects for residents.


At the Mansa Industrial Yard’s commissioning in the province of Luapula, bank country manager DUROWOJU OLANIYIS gave a speech.


Products created in industrial yards, according to Mr. OLANIYI, must be marketed to eagerly anticipating audiences on a regional and global scale.

Additionally, entrepreneurs that will be chosen to open firms in the Mansa Industrial Yard must make sure they increase value addition, according to Small and Medium Enterprises Minister ELIAS MUBANGA.

Mr. MUBANGA asked the businesspeople to take advantage of the sizable Congolese market in order to provide the nation with the much-needed foreign exchange.


Meanwhile, the choice of business owners to open shops at the Mansa Industrial Yard has advanced, according to CEEC Board Chairman JASON KAZILIMANI.

The Mansa Industrial Yard, which cost 24 million kwacha to construct, contains 12 workshops with electricity and running water already installed.

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