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Chinsali wife assaulted after being caught with her underwear off

After discovering his wife “pants down” with another man who was hiding in their home’s spare bedroom, a husband from Chinsali thrashed her.

Kennedy, whose last name has not been made public and who is 29 years old, discovered that his wife Friday Mukusha was acting abnormally to the point where she was bringing him meals in their bedroom.

As Mr. Kennedy entered the bedroom to investigate the treatment he was receiving, he saw his wife’s panties on the bed, which led him to demand an explanation.

His wife’s claimed boyfriend emerged from hiding as he demanded explanations and rushed out of the couple’s home.

Kaunda Mubanga, the commanding officer of Muchinga province, acknowledged the occurrence and said that police have already documented a case of assault causing actual bodily harm.

He claimed that the alleged assault occurred on Wednesday at midnight at the Chinsali district’s Seed Farm Township.

“Ms Friday Mukusha reported that she was beaten and assaulted by her husband Kennedy The victim sustained swollen face and general body pains. Fists and kicks were alleged to have been used in the act. The brief facts in this matter are that the  husband went back home from were he went and immediately he entered the house he noticed something strange was going on because the wife was acting in a strange way. The wife received the husband and told him to go and eat from the bedroom. But when he entered into the bedroom ,he found the wife’s pant on the bed,” he said.

Mr Mubanga said when the suspect asked the wife as to why the pant was on the bed she did not give him a concrete answer.

“While he was talking to her, the man who was hiding in the spare bedroom came out and ran away.This prompted him to start beating her.

The suspect is detained in police cells,” he said.

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