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Commissioning of Radio Transmitters by ZNBC

In Kalomo District, Southern Province, ZNBC Radio One and Two transmitters have been put into service.

Following the start of the installations in 15 districts around the nation, the Kalomo transmitter is the first to be put into service.

The government would spend K7.2 million on the project to install all 15 transmitters, according to Kennedy Kalunga, Permanent Secretary for Information and Media.

According to Mr. KALUNGA, the move shows the government’s aim and commitment to guaranteeing equal access to information for all citizens.

He has praised ZNBC management for completing the transmitter installations on time and enabling Kalomo locals to finally enjoy Radio 1 & 2.

ZNBC Board Chair JACK KALALA expressed gratitude to the government for sponsoring the project at the same speech.

Additionally, ZNBC engineers are installing the transmitters, according to ZNBC Acting Director General BRIGHT NKAKA.

The commissioning of the ZNBC radio transmitter in the district, according to COY MAKAYA and Chief SIPATUNYANA, the chairpersons of the Kalomo District Council, will hasten local development.

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