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“contractors Must Be Blacklisted For Delayed Projects”

Contractors that don’t finish jobs on schedule should be blacklisted, according to Northern Province Permanent Secretary BERNARD MPUNDU, in order to bring order to the construction industry.

According to Mr. MPUNDU, Permanent Secretaries have been instructed to make sure that government projects are completed on time, with the proper materials, and at the appropriate cost.

According to him, the Northern Province Administration will not permit contracts to be extended past the predetermined time frame.

According to Mr. MPUNDU, the provincial administration has discovered that the majority of the contractors in the province are delaying contracts past the predetermined deadline.

During a tour of TRALARD projects in Northern Province’s Mungwi District, Mr. MPUNDU made this statement.

Since then, he has instructed officials in the Ministry of Infrastructure to find these contractors so that appropriate action can be done.

According to Mr. MPUNDU, the government’s efforts to provide services on time are being undermined by the delays in project completion.

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