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HH: Government Has Advanced In Fixing The Mopani, Kcm Issue

According to Copperbelt President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, the government has made strides toward resolving problems involving the Mopani and Konkola Copper mines.

The President promises that a statement regarding the future of the two mining companies will be made soon.

Before departing for KITWE, where he would be commissioning the 33 megawatt solar facility for the Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC), he gave a speech this morning at the Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in NDOLA.

And the President claims that the government has made outstanding strides in reviving the economy of the nation, which had fallen to 2.8 percent when the UPND assumed power from a projected 3 percent growth this year.

According to President HICHILEMA, his administration has accomplished the introduction of free education, an increase in the Constituency Development Fund, and the restoration of the rule of law in just one year and six months.

According to him, the party and the grassroots would dedicate 2023 to tackling some of the issues they are currently facing.

The President asserts that all cabinet ministers, members of parliament, mayors, and others should concentrate their efforts on resolving issues affecting, among others, business owners of saloons, hair salons, welding shops, talk time vendors, and booths.

President HICHILEMA stated that although some things may not be evident right first, results would become apparent as his administration works hard to address the issues the nation is experiencing.

Additionally, Copperbelt minister ELISHA MATAMBO claimed that the residents of the region are content with the actions of the government.

The free education policy, enhanced CDF, and dedication to work on the province’s road network, which he claimed had been neglected for the previous ten years, were mentioned by Mr. MATAMBO.

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