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Increased agricultural productivity urged by Nalumango

According to Vice President Mutele Nalumango, the establishment of processing centres by the government in each of the ten provinces is necessary to increase agricultural productivity.

According to Mrs. NALUMANGO, the sector needs the essential structural and policy adjustments to improve agriculture and value addition.

According to the vice president, the government is committed to transforming the industry into a thriving agrobusiness that enhances people’s quality of life.

When she presided over a national stakeholder consultation on Zambia’s second generation national agricultural investment plan today in Lusaka, Mrs. NALUMANGO made this statement.

The country needs to see increased production in the sector, according to Agriculture Minister REUBEN MTOLO, who also stated that the sector requires a strategic plan to guide it over the next five years.

According to Mr. MTOLO, the guiding plan must be updated in order to encourage investment in the industry.

Attendees include a variety of interested parties.

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