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DEC arrests FRA employee with K1.2M or more

A data entry specialist at the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has been detained by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for forging and uttering fake documents as well as money laundering involving more than one million Kwacha.

Since then, GREGORY KUNDA, 39, has been accused of forging and using false documents, as well as theft by employee and money laundering.

Details of the case show that KUNDA stole 324 metric tonnes of maize worth about 1.2 million Kwacha while serving as a data entry specialist at the FRA. He did this by issuing false instructions for the release of the maize under the pretense that it was being collected by a named company when, in reality, it was not.

The statement of accounts for the listed company was further falsified and spoken by KUNDA, according to DEC Public Relations Officer HUSSEIN KHAN, falsely claiming that it was overdrawn when it was not.

According to Mr. KHAN, KUNDA also participated in money laundering by hiding the true nature of the 1,296,000 Kwacha in criminal proceeds.

Additionally, according to Mr. Khan, the DEC has charged and detained 33-year-old ABIGAIL NZIMA, a Loans Officer at a reputable financial institution, for Theft by Servant.

He claims that NZIMA stole 19,040-Kwacha in cash that came into her control as a result of her work between the dates unknown but between November 13 and 30.

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