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Opposition MPs demand the removal of second Deputy Speaker Moses Moyo

Opposition Members of Parliament have demanded the removal of the Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Moyo whom they say has lamentably failed to handle the affairs of the House Leader of Opposition in Parliament Brian Mundubile said at a Press Briefing that he was declaring war against Mr. Moyo because “in two years, Moyo had failed to learn how to handle that House

People get Certificates and Diplomas in two years, why can’t Moyo, for once, learn how to handle the House “We will not allow Moyo to become a champion in that House, infact, I am declaring war on Moyo, he will not have it easy in that House” and declared that he was ready to face the consquencies.

“We will not sit back and allow this incompetent Presiding Officer called Moyo to destroy the House,” “it’s about the country Mr. Mundubile said ” We demand that Moyo is removed as Speaker from that House” “we have been quite to give Moyo time to learn, but now we do not want him to preside in that House because he is reducing the decorum and ettiquet of that House

The PF Members of Parliament were briefing the Press on the current goings on in the House such as the ejection of the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament for raising a point of order.

Source: zambianobserver

In other news – Hon. Munir Zulu accuses Sampa of practicing homosexuality

Ba Sampa good morning? The boys you sent to pose for pics in lumezi at a boarding school poster have made a video but equally educate them that I am not like you who does not know who their father is?

Educate them that I am not your fellow junkie, Educate them that I have never been a suspected ruth mandu killer by citizens at any given moment! Educate them that I have never sold property to survive like you did. Read more

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