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General Election Review Report For 2021 Available

According to the 2021 General election assessment report, voting and ballot counting were conducted in a transparent way.

The results management process was transparent, according to the Electoral Commission of Zambia’s -ECZ- report.

However, the Report has sparked worries that election violence is not being sufficiently handled.

Political parties and voters who took part in the election appeared to be content with the results and the voting procedure, according to the report.

According to ECZ Commissioner ALI SIIMWINGA, the commission conducted a thorough investigation to draw lessons from the experiences of stakeholders.

According to Mr. SIIMWINGA, this was also done in order to learn from the experience and make the best possible improvements going forward.

Mr. SIIMWINGA said that the report offered a chance to evaluate the performance of the Commission and stakeholders prior to, during, and after the election during his remarks at today’s dissemination of the report in Lusaka.


A reassessment of the nomination costs, which limited participation for different groupings, was proposed by the stakeholders, according to ECZ Director of Electoral Operations ROYD KATONGO, who presented an outline of the Report.

Concerns about the delimitation being conducted concurrently with other election processes that resulted in unfavorable outcomes, according to Mr. KATONGO, were also raised.

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